Frequenty Asked Questions about CONTENTI and how we build B2B brands for global markets

Where is CONTENTI located?

CONTENTI is reg­is­tered in France, with our head­quar­ters located in Paris. All billing, admin­is­tra­tion and project man­age­ment is handled through our Paris office, as well as a portion of content creation tasks.

Where are CONTENTI’s other locations?

In addition to our Paris head­quar­ters, CONTENTI’s core team is located in Stockholm and in the greater Los Angeles area in the United States. However, your business contact will take place through our Paris office.

How many people work at CONTENTI?

CONTENTI is a boutique global agency with four senior core team members. The majority of work on your projects will be accom­plished by the core team backed by our team of spe­cial­ized col­lab­o­ra­tors deployed according to each project’s para­me­ters. Each project will generally have two to three dedicated senior team members covering project management/client contact, strategy, copy­writ­ing and creative direction.

When was CONTENTI founded?

CONTENTI was incor­po­rat­ed in 2014, however core team members have been working together since 2006.

What is CONTENTI’s approach to handling large, global projects?

Global Marketing pro­fes­sion­als benefit from our con­cen­trat­ed expe­ri­ence and savoir-faire in creating global brands and brand concepts. As a boutique agency, we don’t dis­trib­ute projects to junior teams. All work is handled by CONTENTI’s expe­ri­enced experts, which is one of the reasons both large and small B2B companies like to work with us.

Your core team is located in different cities. How does that work?

Because we work globally, we are almost never located in the same place as our clients. For this reason, the geo­graph­ic location of our team is less important than the talent and qualities we bring to each project. Our team is global, just like the client teams we work with. It’s just one of the ways we deliver value to our clients.

What else makes CONTENTI a spe­cial­ist global team?
We approach every brand creation or global campaign project from a uniquely global vantage point. With CONTENTI, the team that will work on your project rep­re­sents different cultural, geo­graph­i­cal and lin­guis­tic profiles from the start. With this com­po­si­tion and through our extensive expe­ri­ence as a team, we know how to eliminate ideas that aren’t going to work in different lin­guis­tic or cultural contexts. That saves you time and money. It’s something that’s very hard for single language, mono­cul­tur­al teams to achieve.
Is CONTENTI spe­cial­ized in par­tic­u­lar sectors?

CONTENTI works in a broad number of B2B sectors, as you can see from our case studies. But what’s common in our approach to each domain is the deep under­stand­ing of the subject matter that we work to acquire. Because much of the content we create is aimed at experts, we need to be in a position to offer you sub­stan­tial support in the gen­er­a­tion of all forms of author­i­ta­tive content.

Who writes your English language content?

All of our English-language copy is written in-house, by native English speakers of our core team.

What intrinsic qualities make a brand or campaign created by CONTENTI more global?

Creating a brand and brand concept that will thrive in different regions and languages is a specific skill. The chal­lenges are sub­stan­tial­ly different from those of single-market brand projects. A key dif­fer­ence is the skill required in listening to and incor­po­rat­ing input from regional stake­hold­ers. That infor­ma­tion must then be used to generate an idea that supports the global brand strategy while leaving ample room for local adjust­ments. None of these con­straints, however, can be allowed to com­pro­mise the impact and effec­tive­ness of the campaign.

Does CONTENTI handle trans­la­tions?

For the most part, our clients ask their regional marketing teams to provide trans­la­tions. For clients that are organized dif­fer­ent­ly, we can manage trans­la­tions. However, trans­la­tion require the combined effort of agency and client to achieve a highly pro­fes­sion­al result. We work with expe­ri­enced trans­la­tors to create each trans­la­tion, coor­di­nat­ing with your regional staff to ensure accuracy. All marketing materials that we deliver are optimized so that different languages can be placed into layouts.

What is CONTENTI’s policy on A.I.?

We’ve found A.I. is most imme­di­ate­ly applic­a­ble to a number of SEO tasks. Concerning copy­writ­ing, our expe­ri­ence as writing pro­fes­sion­als is such that the time spent getting the A.I.-generated copy exactly where we want it takes longer than starting from a blank page and handful of good ideas. Some have proph­e­sied that ChatGPT and similar A.I.s mean the death of pro­fes­sion­al copy­writ­ing. We’re more opti­mistic, and this optimism has been confirmed by Google’s recent ‘Helpful Content’, policy. Their newly revised algo­rithms rolled out in the Summer of 2023 favor high-quality content written for humans by humans. This is Google’s effort to reduce the amount of low-quality and spammy content on the web..

What is CONTENTI’s client onboard­ing process?

We start with a pre­lim­i­nary online meeting to determine the scope of your project. Afterwards, we come back to you with an estimate and initial planning calendar. At this point we provide many of our clients with a briefing document to structure the brief. From there, we generally plan a meeting that includes project stake­hold­ers to ask follow-up questions and to clarify any part of the brief that remains unclear. During this time, CONTENTI may provide any documents you require to establish our status as a reg­is­tered supplier for your company.

Does CONTENTI have specific payment terms?

Because we work with clients all over the world, for a first job, we generally ask that half of the agreed upon price be paid up front, with full payment being received prior to delivery of the finalized work and/or artwork. We always include a payment schedule in our initial contract, to be agreed on by both parties. With repeat clients this generally stip­u­lates payment in 3 steps: The first payment upon signing of the contract, a second payment at an inter­me­di­ary step to be defined between the parties, and a final payment upon delivery of the final elements. As mentioned, for first-time clients, the final payment releases the finalized content. Keep in mind that, depending on the nature of the project, other payment terms may be proposed.

Does CONTENTI undertake spec work?

For multi-year contracts or those lasting a minimum of 12 months with a con­trac­tu­al­ly defined wordload, CONTENTI will consider doing spec creative in the context of an agency review. For shorter contracts or project work, CONTENTI requires remu­ner­a­tion and a purchase order prior to com­menc­ing work.