Go deep! Showcase your subject authority with long-form B2B content.

White papers and articles rank highly among your most valuable audiences. CONTENTI helps reduce the burden on your team to produce valuable, long-form content.

White papers and articles help you dive deeply into essential subjects.

Click on the examples below to read some of our work:

Nutreco White Paper
White Paper — MSD
National Urban Policy — OECD
Anti-Bribery Convention — OECD
Global Water Governance — OECD
Short Needle Technology — Becton Dickson
Traceability — Becton Dickinson
Viscosity Design Space — Becton Dickinson
Unit Level Traceability — Becton Dickinson
Device Development — Becton Dickinson
Digital Trials — Becton Dickinson
PremiumCoat® — Becton Dickinson
Connected Trials Results — Becton Dickinson
Reduced Syringe Glide Force — Becton Dickinson
Derisking Biosimilar Development — Becton Dickinson
Aptar Pharma Press Release

CONTENTI makes it easier for your company to:

  • Gain the benefits of white papers and articles in your content mix without over­bur­den­ing your busy subject-matter experts,
  • Present the technical and sci­en­tif­ic fun­da­men­tals behind your product claims,
  • Communicate your under­stand­ing of your potential buyers’ pain points,
  • Explain com­pet­i­tive advan­tages that may depend on subtle but important dif­fer­en­tia­tors,
  • Fulfill your potential buyers’ hunger for high-quality infor­ma­tion that aides them in the buying process,
  • Help potential buyers “find out for them­selves” infor­ma­tion on your product and insights about their market,
  • Deliver key product infor­ma­tion in an easily sharable format,
  • Build trust by directing readers to peer-reviewed or other high-quality ref­er­ences,
  • Rank higher with search engines for your most important content.