Leading by science: Communicating LifeStart’s epi­ge­net­ics-based approach to more pro­duc­tive future cows.

Research shows that high-calorie early calf nutrition leads to more pro­duc­tive dairy cows. Convincing farmers to invest in early nutrition required that they under­stand the science. Leading by science was our chosen approach but not every audience was trained to read uni­ver­si­ty research papers.

To service the LifeStart account, CONTENTI became familiar with the fun­da­men­tal research behind the product. The agency coor­di­nat­ed sci­en­tif­ic content with Nutreco’s sci­en­tists on several con­ti­nents and coor­di­nat­ed editorial schedules and content choices, as well as the creating and sci­en­tif­ic val­i­da­tion of all published assets. Our knowledge was essential to our ‘leading by science’ approach, allowing us to effi­cient­ly develop LifeStart’s flagship white paper and the complete contents of their LifeStart website.

Campaign elements:

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