As a French company, CACEIS needed to proclaim its dif­fer­ence in a sector dominated by Anglo-Saxon financial insti­tu­tions.

Proposing a small, red frog as the company’s emblem was not without risks. Over 10 years later (an eternity in frog-years), the CACEIS frog is still showing the world just how smart, quick and agile this French (former) chal­lenger is.

CACEIS is the asset servicing banking group of Crédit Agricole S.A. and Santander dedicated to asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, banks, private equity and real estate funds, brokers and corporate clients. With AUC of €4.3 trillion and AUA of €2.3 trillion, CACEIS is a European leader in asset servicing and one of the major players worldwide (figures as of 31 March 2022).

A concept with legs!

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