We provided Air France KLM with a concept to help embody their newly-combined aircraft main­te­nance busi­ness­es.

Today, “adap­tive­ness” drives the group’s internal culture and frames its value propo­si­tion to global customers.

The global aircraft main­te­nance, repair and overhaul (MRO) market was valued at USD 78.60 billion last year. For Air France KLM, MRO activ­i­ties are their third largest business, with third-party revenues worth €1.2 billion in 2022. Jan Ragnartz and Bill Below proposed the “Adaptiveness” concept at the time of the merger, and it has continued to be their North Star ever since. We’d love to tell the story of your company’s North Star. Just give us a call!

“Adaptiveness” permeates both the culture and offer of AFI KLM E&M

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